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Warfare Plugins’ blog answers an important problem for their audience – how to recover your social share counts if they’ve been lost. Towards the end of the year or even every month you can do a roundup of the “best of the best” related to your industry or your product or service. For a hypothetical example, let’s say you built guitar amps – you could write about guitars and pedals on your site. This would bring in visitors who would potentially be interested in your products since they’re so closely related.

Being transparent online can be a challenge for a lot of people. But the thing is, when you show a vulnerable side of yourself people will remember you and believe you more than if you painted a rosy picture of your business and blog. This type of post speaks to the readers that aren’t fully invested in your service or product and can convince them to buy once they finish reading it. Zapier, an automation workflow app that connects your apps for better efficiency, offered their new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Project Management as a freebie on their blog.

The reader must share your post, or enter their email address in the opt in form, and once they do, the rest of the blog post content is revealed. For a lot of solopreneurs, adding that first team member is an exciting event. As such, it makes for an engaging blog post and it introduces your new team member to your customers or clients.


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