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We will also accept articles on Camping, backpacking, and hiking. Our knowledgeable editors go over all submissions and edit at their discretion. Pure Wander features articles that concentrate on types of trips , personal narratives and travel tips.We look for authentic travel stories and guides for groups of three or more. If you would like an idea of the type of quality that we are looking for, check out some of our hiking trail posts as well as some of those in our resources section.

Create a separate link for your photos in GooglePhotos. Make sure we have permission to download the photos. Would you like to share your travel knowledge and experience on our blog? We ask that posts submitted beunique and originalto AdventureHacks. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online or that you plan to distribute to other websites. We will do our best to respond to every message within 2 weeks.

Gravatar account and upload an image to your profile. Send us the email address used to set up this account. This will ensure that we can display your image in your post’s author profile. If your content meets our requirements and is published, it will gain ever-increasing exposure as the popularity of our site grows over time. Join our growing network of hiking enthusiasts who write for us and help inspire others to “Go Hiking & Enjoy Nature”. You can link to relevant content on your site and other websites.

If approved, we’ll reach out to request the completed article and when it’ll be posted on our website. We must maintain a certain standard to ensure the highest quality of information for our readers. We do not accept reviews of any kind, as we have staff members do these for us.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We, unfortunately, do not allow articles published on our site to be published somewhere else. You can publish a small part of the article on your site like a third or a quarter of the article with a totally new introduction and link back to the article onoutdoorfeeds. We also encourage writers to do some publications on the social media to promote the article. We are happy to include a bio that tells readers who you are and where they can find you within your article page. Successful submitted articles will be published within a month.

They reserve the right to make any changes to your article. The community is here to help you with specific parenting problems. Here is a list of the niches that you can choose from while writing content for Ezyschooling.

All published content becomes the property of Roaming Spices. We, therefore, have the right to alter or delete content at our discretion. This is a couple of sentences telling our readership a little bit about yourself.

If your work is accepted, you will be asked to submit accompanying photos which you have the rights to share. Pure Wander retains all rights to accepted pieces and content cannot be used elsewhere. We don’t want you to write on the topics that have already been covered on our blog.

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