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The article can have only one link to your site (a no-follow link) and social media handles. The article you submit should not be placed elsewhere if approved and published in Echo innovate IT. Also, please note that all articles submitted will not be published. The most important criterion for evaluating the originality article is and quality. In addition, each item has to be at least 1,500 words in length.

We keep the rights to take out and replace links, as well as change their anchor texts at any time and without the author’s consent. DeskTime’s blog covers all things productivity and time management, and we’re always on the lookout for new contributors to share their knowledge with our readers. We are excited to work with new people and gain more readers through our blogs. Make sure your article gives a fresh insight into the topic. For example, we can have another post on “Trends in the IoT industry”, but you need to have a different perspective in each post. If your article meets our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know that it will be published.

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No external connections to sites that are unrelated to the content . If you’re not an app creator, you can only put one link here. First, you will get the opportunity to explain your application/game, and you will gain visibility . Include introduction (3-4 lines) and conclusion(3-4 lines). In introduction, start with a quote or fact or question related to the topic. In conclusion, end the article with a nice summary and key take away points.

Publication of guest author’s posts on our blog goes through specific stages. All the steps must be completed without exception, otherwise, your article won’t be published. Always check site owner categories, in which they are accepting guest post. If your article is accepted and published in Echo innovative IT, it should not be published anywhere else.

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