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Encryption protects vital information, but if that encryption key is lost, the data disappears. Platform-as-a-service is considered the most complex of the three layers of cloud-based computing. PaaS shares some similarities with SaaS, the primary difference being that instead of delivering software online, it is actually a platform for creating software that is delivered via the Internet. This model includes platforms like Salesforce.com and Heroku. Hybrid clouds are, as the name implies, a combination of both public and private services. This type of model allows the user more flexibility and helps optimize the user’s infrastructure and security.

Cloud computing is the use of hardware or software off-site that is accessed over networks for computing needs. Examples of cloud computing depend on the type of cloud computing services being provided. The main types of cloud computing services include Infrastructure-as-a-Service , Platforms-as-a-Service , and Software-as-a-Service . Newer forms of cloud computing services include the community cloud, the big data cloud, and the multicloud. There are various types of clouds, each of which is different from the other. Public clouds provide their services on servers and storage on the Internet.

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This allows the cloud computing service provider to provide services to multiple people—and to scale according to client volume—and deliver the service anywhere with an internet connection. The main types of cloud computing include software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. Serverless computing, also known as function as a service , is also a popular method of cloud computing for businesses. All guest post contributions to SourceDigit.com must offer real value to our readers.

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