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We will notify you via email if we decide to publish your content, along with an estimated publication date. Please allow 2-4 weeks for publication once your article has been vetted. Sponsored posts must be relevant to the topics included on Blunt Therapy, be well-written, and must be original. Inform readers about issues related to mental health.

This will be placed at the end of your article. Make sure the title is short and enticing; should be unique and not generic. We’re seeking catchy articles, at least 700 words. However, we understand there are some stories that should not be stretched. We recommend you write your submission in easy-to-understand language.

Other topics include food, health, lifestyle, travel, beauty, etc. Blunt Therapy is your source for tips, articles, and advice about the mental health topics that matter to you, from a licensed therapist who’s been there. It’s a blog about mental health matters, addictions, relationships, and parenting. In other words, Blunt Therapy is a blog about the kind of things that people go to therapy for. Now offering professional life coaching servicesto select clients.

We hope to increase the number of paid articles in the future. Many mental health writing markets have editorial sections that can be slanted to topics surrounding mental health. When you start writing guest posts for us, you will learn much more than you originally knew about that topic, since you will be researching a lot. However, that is not the only thing you will gain from this activity. We are glad to welcome you to this page.

They offer an honorarium of $250 for accepted posts. Inspire the Mind is a mental health blog. They discuss the effects of mental health on the brain and the body.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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In order to protect it’s valuable online reputation, Blunt Therapy is highly selective about which articles it accepts for sponsored posting. We believe that this is important both for the reader and for the companies that wish to promote their services. The web is filled with spammy, low-value websites. We are certain you will appreciate our desire to maintain our reputation, as this will benefit you as well.

Join Medium with my referral link – Joanne Eden For only $5 a month, you’ll get unlimited access to every article ever published on Medium while supporting your favorite writers. Below is a list of mental health/ psychology blogs that pay per article, as well as details about rates, article length, eligibility, and how to submit. Please review the following section so that you understand the type of article we publish, both in terms of content and style. We want every article on Blunt Therapy to be well-written, informative, authoritative, and well-researched.

Small business links may be permitted if the company is owned by a person with a disability, but are subject to approval by our editorial team. All SEO and commercial links must use our Sponsored Posts process. “In the year or so since we launched, we’ve also come to realize the power of personal narrative in advancing our mission. A retired Secret Service agent can illuminate the agency’s problems in ways a news story might miss. A woman living with anxiety disorder can explain her experience in a way even the best statistics will hide. A jailed Ferguson protester and a former police officer can reveal things about the state of police-community relations that reporters will never see.

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