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Our main goal is to provide informative and quality content for web professionals – developers, programmers, freelancers, students and site owners. Email us at and tell us about yourself, what you want to write and on which topic. Also, send us links if you have written and publish blog, article or tutorials on any public or personal website. Our motive is to create a world class content on technologies for free for the self-learners around the world. We do this by providing them step by step tutorials, articles and blogs in simple words, along with easy examples.

Disconnected stuff with redundant information will be rejected. Make sure to use data, stats and examples to amplify your work. Share your top-quality articles with Classic Informatics Blog readers.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We are looking for high-quality content to share with our audience. It should be the most important thing when you are writing. You may write content on any of the following topics.

An article will go through up to two rounds of editing, via google docs. We suggest reading your article out-loud, and run it through grammarly.com before submitting it, to weed out any simple mistakes. Articles should be at least 1500 words and follow Draft.dev’s excellent style guide. Notably, the draft should be in a google doc, in markdown, with images hosted on imgur.

You can learn more about blog sponsorships by emailing us at Our mission is to help developers find and fix bugs quicker. That’s why we’ve always loved putting out high-quality blog posts. You know, the kind that go past the surface of a technology to help you understand how it really works. Because when you’re fighting a tough bug nothing beats a well-rounded understanding of the underlying technology. CodexWorld is a rapidly growing programming blog for programming and web development resources.

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