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Have anything, useful about small business success, startup success, content marketing, digital PR, and social media? Thank you for showing interest in writing for DevX, we are elated to have you here. If you are someone with phenomenal industry experience and a flair for writing, then hey we can be friends! Guest Post Contributions is a great way to establish industry expertise for your niche, and gain some brownie points for your content marketing strategy. We prefer content from content writers, Bloggers, individual authors who have in-depth knowledge rather than a general base of entrepreneurship, marketing, management, and small businesses.


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If you’ve sent out any press releases that resulted in publicity in magazines, newspapers or online publications, you can use quotes from them. That’s how you’ll establish a rapport with your visitors, and it’s the best way to make them receptive to what you’re telling them and what you’re selling them, too. If your business is new and doesn’t yet have facts, figures and testimonials to support your claims, talk about your goals and describe what you’re doing to achieve them.

When submitting a post for publication on our site, it should be educating, inspiring, and valuable – no shade at all. Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or a freelancer looking to get some writing exposure and share your experiences with a wider audience? Startup Insider is a prominent news website which deals with startup news, stories, interview tips, gives the latest update about events and conferences.

Bullets are a great way to convey a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. They also provide white space, which is areas without text that help keep a page from looking cluttered. Once you’ve gathered all your information, you may find your About Us page is lengthy.

We reserve the right to remove any link on your article if it points to a prohibited site or looks to us as a mere promotion. Must be original content owned by you or your company. This means that we do not accept or approve all contents sent to us. It is a fact that not all types of content works well on the Internet. And, to get more reach out of your efforts, you should be publishing content that works. I am very impressed by your content… Thanks for sharing such informational content.

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