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Ensure the originality and uniqueness of the content before going to submit. Author bio should be 120 words or less and please include your one website link in bio. We don’t accept promotional content, please deliver content with educational values.

Make sure your article gives a fresh insight into the topic. For example, we can have another post on “Trends in the IoT industry”, but you need to have a different perspective in each post. No more than 1 Link is permitted to be added to the author bio of the content. Your write-up must be at least 1000+ words in length and shouldn’t have inappropriate outbound links. As the reputation of the blog should remain high, so try to maintain the quality of the posts. By writing clearly & uniquely, you will get exposed to readers as well as followers to become well-known over the web.


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We are here to encourage people with unique and different ideas regarding business software. The audience from multiple industries is engaged in our site to guest post their blogs. The main objective of our site is to provide useful and effective information to the readers about business software. We are one of the leading guest post sites offer a wonderful chance to the contributors who are ready to publish their work. People from different domains can share your experience and knowledge with our fast-growing community for engaging the audience in our site.

Additionally, we do not work with third parties or marketing agencies for content. If your pitch gets denied, that does not mean you can never submit again, even if it is an updated draft. After your article is approved, the process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks from your initial submission, and will involve your active participation in rewrites and revisions.

We are always welcome passionate technical writers to join our team. They must have the ability to produce high-quality content that readers can use in their project and fulfill their web development needs. The feedback given by technical reviewers to article writers is vital to improving and polishing their articles’ final drafts. Please note however that the majority of articles are expected to contain example code illustrating the point being made. Similarly, ‘systems’ and ‘network administration’ oriented articles are generally inappropriate. Second, as anapplication developeris allowed a brief biography that includes a link to your most important application/game .

Articles are subject to review and approval from the content management team of Kovair Software. First, submit your request in the form given below, then we’ll ask to email your article as an attachment for review. The content should be well written, well structured , grammatically correct and unpublished. We will not pay for materials (and you won’t pay us for publishing either). We will publish a link to your site (without an infamous “nofollow” attribute), your bio, and your photo . InformIT brings technology experts and publishing experts together to create industry-leading training tools that help technology professionals succeed in their daily jobs.

The authors have a chance to avail opinions and suggestions from wide ranges of bloggers from all corners of the world regarding writing skills and knowledge. Please provide required visuals along with your quality content. After submission, you hold no right against your article. We can update, edit content, add/delete links or even merge multiple articles together based on our policies, SEO and strategies. Do not fluff the article for the sake of word count, be as concise as possible.

It is an amazing platform to grabs a huge number of audiences to read your blog and allow you to gain more popularity over the web. All articles are accepted/rejected based on various factors like the scope of the article, the quality of the article, and relevancy. We pay between $100 and $150 per article depending on the topic and reach. We would like to establish collaborative relationships with authors who love explaining how things work and who make complex topics graspable to beginners. When you write for us you’ll be paid well and more people will see your articles. Do you want support for the script installation or customization?

You are permitted to share the blogs on multiple social media platforms or elsewhere with a link back to this site. We welcome new writers who want to guest post, Sponsor posts, or contribute articles regularly. Here are the important details that you may find useful to collaborate with us for Guest Posting. Explore the requirements of guest posting, and the procedure to submit a guest post to us. Clear, readable, and promotional-free content – The content must be written in a high level of English that is error-free and fluent. Make your article more visually appealing by using eye-catching headings, subheadings, and relevant images.

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