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You should provide the references for the content you write but only one link to a domain per article. Write about what you have made with relevant circuit diagrams, components, codes, video etc and upload here. In return, we get good content for our audience, which helps us stay connected and relevant to the broader community. We offer an exciting stage to demonstrate your expertise or share your ideas. Please use the contact form below to get in touch, and remember, please include 3-5 headline ideas with your submission.

This is key because brands are concerned about how they can use digital marketing to reach their target audience. It’s our objective to provide them with insights on how they can find and engage with their potential customers on these networks. To submit ideas and articles to Spencer’s TV & Appliance, please fill out our contact form with your name, email and a brief message of the topic you would wish to write about. A member of our team checks all form submissions once each month. You will be notified within 2 to 3 weeks if we would like to move forward with publishing your ideas and content. If it is accepted, the piece may be held for an additional 2 weeks typically, in order to optimize timing of its publication.

We are looking for writers to develop new tutorials and articles for us. Before starting to write a new article, we ask you to send a proposal to our editorial team and a short description for approval. We present a summary of the article with Their outline will allow us to make you a better return. We only accept unique and original content that has not been published elsewhere, including our site or another. Although you may have a broad content idea, taking a narrow and simple approach can be much helpful. For example, “How to sync my apple devices” is a general topic but narrowing it down to “How can I sync my iPhone and Mac” can be more helpful to our readers seeking precise solutions.

Electricaleasy.com has a wide audience, and your article will be exposed to a larger number of electrical engineering students. It could take a few weeks to schedule the post on Voquent.com. Once the article is published, we will email a link to you, and no further revisions are accepted. We will choose any images, but you’re free to make suggestions as long as they are either owned in whole or from a reputable library image site. A quality headline is vital to breeding curiosity in readers.


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This includes making your titles and subtitles aligned adequately with all the required optimizations. The word application is a noun and is short for “application.” The application, in this case, refers to a software application; in other words, an application is a software program. Here, we provide you with some of these opportunities to join our community. You will get extensive knowledge about it, and you might have research work for that.

But make sure that when you put the images, they must be the original images and not from any other source. This means that you do not provide us with articles from any other source or copy them from any website. You may very well have some research work before starting your content, but make sure there is no plagiarism.

An ideal contributor to our blog may be an undergraduate or graduate student of electrical, electronics, computer, control system, communication engineer. The writer should take care of the grammar of the article. We’re open to a quid pro quo, i.e. a trade where you post or write about us on an equally trustworthy site.

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