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It should be short – try to keep it under 280 characters – the length that could fit in a Tweet. ✔️ If the article does not meet the above requirements, we will refuse the collaboration. ✔️ Send the article outline and draft in Google Docs, so we can keep track of the progress.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Articles that don’t meet our editorial guidelines of retail-focused, high quality, exclusive, original content will be rejected without pay. Think you’ve got a fresh perspective that will inspire, motivate or educate our readers to become better marketers and business owners? We’re always looking for great writers who have a passion for writing quality content to help our readership be better. Once you submit your content, our editorial team will review the content and everything and will respond to you within 2 business working days. We use Google docs for reviewing content so please send us a doc link with permission to edit.

Guest posts should give the reader as many tips, ideas, links and resources as possible. Content should either be educational with “how to” tips and tactics, or commentary on industry news or trends. We tolerate no explicit sales/marketing persuasion for your business in the article itself. We reserve the right to edit content and remove any promotional links before publication. If you’re referencing news or articles from other bloggers, you must attribute your sources, but we will not allow links back to your blogs.

Don’t use irrelevant images or copyright images owned by someone else. Have an introduction that attracts, interests and makes the reader want to read further. It helps to illustrate your points and makes reading much more interesting. The content should be free from plagiarism, have the right tone, and adhere to all guidelines. Business to business is also referred to as the B2B type of business.

Get practical tips and insights on growing your eCommerce sales. Please make sure we haven’t covered your topic in the past, before making your submission. Your article must be original and not published elsewhere. Your target consumers can be readers of our blogs; thus, you will gain massive exposure. All full-width-images should be delivered at 2x our blog column width to ensure they look sharp on retina/high definition displays. Readers of the blog expect high quality, well-researched, actionable information.

The #1 online proofing software – GoVisually’s Blog has thousands of monthly visits and growing fast, and we’re always open to more brilliant contributors who want to write for us.. Thank you for showing interest in writing a guest blog for GoVisually. Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard and click on “Online store” from the left hand side menu. Click on “Add page,” create your content there, and name the page ‘“About.” Save the page and then add it to your menu. Learn how to improve your website copy with our free, curated list of high-impact articles. If you’re genuinely stuck on an About page, you may be tempted to use a paid or free About page generator.

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