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Flossing can remove plaque and bacteria from between the teeth, where a toothbrush is unable to reach. It can also help prevent bad breath by removing debris and food that has become trapped between the teeth. Many communities in the United States have added fluoride to their water supply. Several organizations recommend this practice, including the World Health Organization , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , and the ADA. However, some dental products do not contain fluoride, and some people do not use it at all.

Blogging is one of the best ways to create new original content. The WHO recommend that people limit their intake of sugar to below 10 percent of their daily calories. The authors of a systematic review concluded that lowering this to 5 percent would further reduce the risk of cavities and other dental problems. We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. We’ve included a cosmetic dentist bio and about me page template to help you get started.

They may sometimes also use dental X-rays to check for cavities. In our Russo Dentistry dental office, it is very important for us to show patients what things look like in their mouth, firsthand. We want everyone to know the pros and cons of accepting and/or rejecting dental treatments. It’s your right as a patient and my duty as your dentist. Over the years, our profession has not done a very good job of educating patients on exactly what dental decay and gum disease are and how they manifest…. Let alone any options for dental solutions or realistic cosmetic dental treatments.

Our writing staff has created compelling content for several dental practices. Their experience makes them uniquely qualified to write on behalf of your brand. If your city or town is like most in the country, there is competition for the first page of the search engines.


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Research has shown that there is an association between the health of a person’s mouth and their overall health. Experts consider oral health problems to be a global health burden. Good oral hygiene is necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy. It involves habits such as brushing twice a day and having regular dental checkups. Dentistry Today is pleased to review and consider original and unpublished manuscripts on clinical topics of interest to practicing dentists. After explaining your specialty in cosmetic dentistry, highlight milestones that make you stand out from other cosmetic dentists.

Take your time crafting an article that will educate and engage readers from start to finish. Once you’ve found a few potential websites, take some time to read through their previous blog posts to get an idea of what they’re looking for in a pitch. You must own all of the photographs you use in the guest posting or provide the necessary copyright information with each image. Posts must be original/unique, not duplicated or spin content. That means your post has not been published or submitted elsewhere online, including your personal blog.

Moreover, you can check our parenting blog section to check out the type of content that we approve to be published on MOM News Daily. At any point, you cannot claim to be a part or member of Moms News Daily staff after submitting your guest post. While writing for us, you must know that we do not pay for any guest post. Also, you will not receive any compensation related to the post. For credibility, we suggest you include links, statistics, and recent studies data. The content should be relevant to the topic and should clearly define it.

We are expecting to grow tremendously over the next year and are bringing on expert authors, writers, journalists and bloggers to join our team. At Mom News Daily, we are very selective about what kind of posts we accept for guest posts. It is our aim to publish the best articles on the web, and only the best submissions will be considered.

You shouldn’t be nickel and dimed because adding a blog post only takes a few minutes. If you’re like most dentists, writing a blog post is not a priority—but it should be because it will improve your SEO. Here are some steps to make the process go smoothly. The results of a recent study confirmed that children and adolescents should see a dentist every 6 months to help prevent cavities. However, adults who practice good dental hygiene every day and have a low risk of oral health problems may be able to go less frequently. Most dental health professionals recommend gently pushing the floss all the way down to the gumline before hugging the side of the tooth with up-and-down motions.

We will not be accepting articles from writers who publish with The Mission and then publish the same content elsewhere. If at all you want to publish an article, your article must not be found more than two websites not submitting an article that has been published multiple times. Health soothe accepts quality health, dental care, and fitness articles and publish it after proofreading by experts. To write for us, your guest posting article’s content must be unique and original. Your article must not have been published elsewhere.

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