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Images you attach with the article should have included with credits/source if it’s not your own. Hope to see you become a formidable part of the CricNerds team. Your content can look like a familiar topic but from a new point of view. We prefer accepting unique contents related to Match Predictions, Cricket Fantasy Guides, and Latest Cricket News.


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Also, make sure to distribute the content into relevant headings and sub-headings to improve its readability. On an original topic that is the best example of your writing abilities and conveys your understanding of the game. You will be given chance to express your opinions about the sports you love. What you write is really up to you – short, long, serious, funny, about the international game, or a game in your own back yard.

D. Do not repeat lines or parts from a previous article on the same subject, you can convey the same information but use a new pattern to describe. When we are ready to accept and train new writers, you will receive an email with more information about the next steps. Given the volume of applications currently, we send these out twice a month. Most writers who also host sites find they have less and less time to write after dealing with the expense and tech side of hosting.

We have openings both for those with a wish to become professionals and write frequently, and those who just want to write occasionally and casually. You can let us know what level of commitment you want to give. Our goal is to lose our best staff to the paying professional media every year and recruit new young people to replace them.

If possible, try to insert at least one internal link from our blog posts in your content. Use external links, only if they lead to valuable resources. The article that you submit must be SEO-Friendly, i.e. it should properly cover the focus keyword of the topic.

If you are writing a news article, we suggest you not write it beyond 500 words. If it has a lot of content, just try to shorten it by removing the less important parts. The most important thing, use your own words and describe things in your own language. It should NOT be copied from any other blog or your own previously published articles. However, the length of your guest post should be at least 1000 words. Fans don’t just follow the sport, they feel it – the pain, the passion, the guts and the glory.

Back your claims with stats and facts to pack a punch and to deliver it with authority. Cite your sources, attribute quotes, and only link to other sites to provide critical references. By submitting your work to us, you agree with all contributor guidelines provided below. Any further information regarding the content or if you would like to be considered as a regular EC contributor. Powered by a dedicated group of volunteer contributors EC is bound by a passion for the growth of the game outside its traditional centres. Please let me know if there is any chance I can contribute to your blog through some Post Submissions and Link Insertions, so that we can discuss further on the same.

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