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And in our film we kind of broke down characters between traditionalists and innovators. We always thought it would be fun to contrast these pairings of an innovator with a traditionalist. T’Challa, we kind of see in this film, is a traditionalist when you first meet him.

If you would like to send a pitch based on a press release, please consider what your angle will be, and what makes it an original story that will work for Elephant. And, of course, we always recommend learning from the teenage winners of our previous review contests. You can find winning work from 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 to show your students, and invite them to identify “writer’s moves” they’d like to emulate. We developed these five prompts in 2019, but of course they can work for any year of this contest. Invite your students to read what others have previously posted, or contribute their own ideas. Like all the writing units we publish, this one pulls together a range of flexible resources you can use however you like.

Here are tips and tricks for well-known games, as well as answers to riddles and other technical information. Many writers want to write for this portal because we are now connected with the audience across the world. All external links within the article must be approved by us before publishing. We love our politics, but not when it’s served up as a cold dish. It should be easy to explain why it’s relevant, inspirational or entertaining, even if the subject/concept is complicated.

If you are not an HR Practitioner or subject matter expert, you will be considered a vendor & will be referred to our highly knowledgeable sales department. Our loyal audience is a diverse, global mix of HR and recruiting practitioners, business leaders, analysts, marketers, and entrepreneurs. They engage with TalentCulture for the content, context, and connections they require to stay well-informed about the latest workplace trends. If photos are part of the submission that should be noted in the email, i.e. 4 photos to follow. Double-spaced with ¾” margins, set for standard U.S. paper size in MS Word compatible format, readable on a PC.


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The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Cultural Daily is a free platform for independent voices – participatory civic media with new perspectives every day.

All posts and submissions must follow the Cultural Daily Style & Formatting Guidelines. If you have the knowledge, expertise, and time, we have an audience waiting to hear what you have to share. We seek well researched, honest critiques, critical essays and sharp-eyed perspectives on a broad range of topics addressed from a Pan African lens.

It should present your argument and supporting sources in a nutshell. What is your professional experience in the creative industry? Give us the three-sentence bio that would appear on our Contributors page. Follow-ups to to articles we’ve published, unless they add significant new value. Please don’t simply forward press releases or press trip invitations with a request to cover these. It is likely that we will have received the same release.

However, we’re not interested in articles just generally about a topic. We want original angles into interesting subject matters, stories, arguments, though-provoking analysis . Work Design Magazine is dedicated to exploring the evolution of What’s Next in workplace culture, research, and design. Our readers are knowledgeable and informed workplace design experts and decision makers.

As such, we prioritise our funds to commission African journalists based in Africa, though we can also offer a fee to many other writers. Keep our core readership of professionals in multiple creative disciplines in mind. If your piece focuses on one discipline—say, type design or photography—consider what people from other fields can learn from it, and how you might appeal to those readers. We publish daily articles on our website that focus on the intersection of visual culture with gender, mental health, education, sexuality, money and the internet.

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