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Your article should cover one of the above topics only. We like a length of between 1,000 and 2,000 words for our articles. Submissions of less than 1,000 words will be rejected.

However, you have the chance to reach thousands more if you allow us to feature your post. That happens when we think your article has a ‘special sauce’ — something we think has the potential to reach a larger audience. For those special articles, we take them to the front page.

It’s an opportunity for you to be the one to shine a light on the challenges or difficulties that most of us experience in life. You do need to be someone who writes authentically from the heart who wants to connect with others to support and encourage. We generally prefer writing from a third-person point of view, although we make exceptions for certain types of content as deemed appropriate. Your password reset link appears to be invalid or expired. Also, we are open to other ideas too if they match with our website’s objective. For that, you can pitch us your idea and we’ll get back to you.

Do you need a boost in certain areas in regards to your company’s website? We want anything related to spirituality guest posting. Finally, read more on our front page and check out the categories to help you find out what exactly to post on. You can also see what others have written on. We really want to see what you have to write.

This email address is being protected from spambots. If you haven’t done so already, please create a new password here. The more it is said that it cant be done, we add this to the fuel of our dreams, because defiance of the odds burns bright. I thank you for considering my words and at the very least your feedback would be valuable to me if you were to take the time to reply to me. My aim is to reach and offer my words to all those that may find some value in them. Posts can be any length and we accept both locked and unlocked stories.

Please name the subject “Article Submission”, and please source your article fully. We reserve the right to edit articles and remove links. You don’t need to be a professional writer or journalist to create a real connection with others through a piece of writing.


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Share what you’ve discovered through the different stages and seasons of your life to remind women that they are not alone. Write on a topic that is true and authentic to you. Be sure to properly credit others for quotes, research, and ideas where necessary. With “Spiritual Guest Post” in the subject line.

Readers do not need “spiritual gurus” to teach them how they should live. They look for inspiration from ordinary persons who has faced and overcome difficulties. However, we only accept articles that contain the best SEO practices, have been fully edited by the author and preferably have at least one link to an outside reputable source. Not a source that would compete with your post, but one that back-ups a point you have made within the body of the article. Please take time to read—even study—at least one or two of our recent issues before submitting a query. You may read a digital version ofCharismaat our website,charismamag.com.

We appreciate writing with a personal voice and, even in an informative article, appreciate personal stories. Although we address a primarily Christian audience, articles should avoid Christian jargon. THE DAILY MEDITATION offers many guest post / writing opportunities for spiritualists, mindfulness teachers, yoga teachers, psychologists, natural health enthusiasts and spiritualists.

Article can contain links to external articles as long as they are related and add value. What do women on a mission need to know about elevating their career or building a business? As leaders and change makers in their roles, find a topic that allows you to connect, educate, and challenge them to grow professionally and walk confidently in the marketplace. You’ll notice that most of our articles are reader-focused. More “You”s and “We”s than “I”s and “Me”s. Young and Spiritually Inspired is a place where women come to learn and grow, so be sure your article reflects the posture of serving and giving value.

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