The 6 Greatest Apple Ciroc Chasers

The Hard Ocean Water, which is an alcoholic version of the Ocean Water drink from Sonic. It blends Blue Curacao with coconut vodka and Sprite. We just like the look of this drink served in a straight Highball Glass. The glass has nothing to distract from the vibrant blue shade. It goes properly with a lot treat yourself cocktail snack is easy of foods because the flavour is mainly citrus and peach. That makes it easy to take pleasure in with nearly anything, even heavy and greasy dishes.

Shake nicely and pressure right into a Highball glass crammed with ice. Combine CÎROC Vodka, Pomegranate Juice and Elderflower Liqueur in a shaker with ice. This web site is intended for adults over 21 and of legal drinking age. Nothing on this web site should be construed as skilled advice. All content on this web site is for informational and educational functions only.

My aim is to encourage and inspire others to get into the kitchen, study cooking, and eat tasty meals. Try it with this Steak ‘n Sheak Frisco Melts Copycat recipe from Jam Hands. It’s a savory combination of hamburger beef, cheese and onions, and those flavors will pair very properly with this cocktail. The Sex in the Driveway drink is a variation on the Sex on the Beach drink recipe. The main difference is the stunning shiny blue color and a shift in fruit flavors.

This drink is perfect for barbecues as a outcome of it has a lightweight really feel that seems to cut via greasy and heavy foods. Fill ¾ full with crushed ice, then fill to the top with the ginger beer and stir gently to mix. The easy and refreshing taste of Apple Cîroc vodka is ideal for enjoying by itself with ice, nevertheless it additionally doubles up as a high-quality mixer.

The greatest Apple Ciroc chaser is a clear soda, like Sprite, or an unflavored soda water. Knock-off lemon-lime soda and seltzers are good budget-friendly chasers, and recent citrus fruits additionally properly complement this vodka. Consider a sugar-free chaser for Apple Ciroc to scale back the possibility of a hangover. The sour apple mountain dew cocktail was part of my Monster House film night!

You could additionally let guests serve themselves. Just put the mixture – soda included – into a beverage server shortly earlier than serving. And really, youcan mix the Sprite in the pitcher too, as long as you’re preserving it in the fridge and serving it inside a quantity of hours.

Apple Cîroc comes to life when combined in a cocktail. Apple Ciroc is rich and distinctive, delivering crisp and vibrant apple, with hints of citrus and vanilla rounding out the flavour profile. If you chase your vodka with beer, we won’t choose.

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