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We only accept articles that are well-written and informative. We reserve the right to reject any article that does not meet our quality standards. Articles should be well-written and free of grammatical and spelling errors. As a writer, sometimes it can be good to be responsive and conversational. If you’re going to try to get readers involved in what they’re reading some friendly back-and-forth communication is a great way of doing just that. You can build up trust with readers this way, which might put them at ease when they want to come back and see something you’ve written again in the future.

We have an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. all the articles that you provide will be shared through the platforms for additional exposure. Sand & Steel will own the complete copyright in your content (writing and media.) You grant a perpetual, nonrevokable license to Sand & Steel to share, edit, revise, distribute any of the articles you submit. All work you submit must be original content and media that you took with your camera. You’ll be credited as the author and you’ll get your backlink. If you don’t like the final article, we will honor a takedown request, but you won’t get your money back.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee a specific date for publication as published articles are often scheduled according to priorities. If you want your article to appear sooner on our website and you are only slightly off-tune with our style and need minimal formatting changes, we can push up the schedule accordingly. With more and more people in the health communities becoming focused on practicing good healthy habits, it’s essential to make sure they’re learning everything they need to know. This calls for an industry that can able to produce accurate and relevant content so that individuals making a change are doing so as safely as possible.


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Use the images & examples that are relevant to the content and illustrate the points you mentioned in the text. We will not publish the content if the text is plagiarized so, try to submit 100% original content. While searching I also find a site, they are also accepting the Guest post. Thanks for the list you have provided for your reader, it is really a helpful resource for any blogger. Although, I’m writing to you because I have some really awesome content ideas that I strongly feel that will be perfect for your []’s audience. Ensure that you do not violate copyright when using images, always give credit when needed.

Global Business Feed strives to disseminate a copious amount of information catering to all sectors of life. It is a multi-media global platform that is used to share information pertaining to all fields of life. We will give your article the SEO benefits and help it reach out to a broader audience. Your title or the article should be very catchy and encapsulate the message of your article. Title your submission something that you think readers will click on.

Health Guide NG is an online health and fitness magazine that provides Nigerians with helpful information to help them live healthy. You can place a maximum of 2 self-serving links, one to your site and one other to any social media channel in the author’s bio. The answer to the question is written on our guest post /advertising policies page below — e.g. the page you are looking at right now.

The article must be related to “Health” such as health care, wellness, fitness, yoga, food, diet, weight loss, etc that we haven’t covered before. Each website admin’s first objective is to attract a lot of visitors or viewers and to get the increasingly more traffic. Guest blogging assists with expanding the traffic as in each guest post you will have the do-follow links. Do follow are generally imperative to increase search engine ranking as well. Authority and superior quality help to impress the audience to be on your blog with your knowledge & expertise. Your guest posting requires you to be superior in various aspects such as flow, grammar, and organization.

If you’re looking for contributing a guest post to share your insights, then you’re in the right place. Also guest blogging is the best link building techniques that provides good referral traffic whether link is dofollow or nofollow for this strategies. Please use the contact form to send us your article ideas/ topics. Mention your website and share links to your previously published articles.

Writers can share their stories or help elevate the stories of others. We want writers to use their experiences, knowledge, and expertise to help elevate and empower vulnerable people. Please submit a 2-3 sentence author bio along with a couple of links to the author’s website or blog. You can find the list of topics we feature in our articles in our “categories” section for reference. We are a global multi-media platform which makes us less picky about the topic of the article we publish. We provide our writers with the liberty of including one backlink.

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