How to Earn Money by Writing Funny Content on Cracked

And two, you will learn to become a better writer… even if you don’t end up making the cut the first time around. You come up with a great idea and labor over writing a great pitch. Or ask a fellow writer to proofread your pitch before you send it out, to avoid less-than-funny mistakes. Have a funny story to tell, humorous essay about country life, or jokes about country living?


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Get on the waiting list nowso you can take your career to the next level. As a bonus to Jeff Bullas’ readers, you can also get my report featuring a total of 50 websites that pay writers, most of which pay more than $50 per article, for free. The Penny Hoarder is a leading personal finance publication, and they are looking for articles mostly based on personal experience.

Listverse is also highly open to inexperienced freelance writers with a keen sense of humor and a love for unusual topics. The Cracked site also includes a blog, videos, forums, a writer’s workshop, five weekly Image Manipulation contests called Photoplasty, and small, one-shot articles called “Quick Fixes”. Cracked formerly included a daily “Craptions” contest where users added captions to odd photographs; this feature had been relegated to the forums. Also, you get paid immediately after your accepted article has been completed and submitted. I takes like a month to go up, but that shouldn’t really matter if you want to be a writer, as it’s pretty hard for things to not be a slow process most of the time.

You will not only be paid for your content but receive a byline, which boosts your freelance writing profile. Read through the writing process guide and use the contact form to submit your ideas. Dollar Stretcher is a collective of publications promoting “living better for less,” providing readers with ways to save money and time. You need to query your post idea before submission, and it should be up to 800 words. There are hundreds of articles already on the blog, so pitching an idea is crucial before you start to draft your post. Dollar Stretcher will not accept articles that repeat already published content, so wait until your pitch is checked.

Unless of course, you’re the parent of that perfect little angel who is exquisitely well-behaved, well-mannered, and has never thrown a single temper tantrum…ever. If you can serve up parenting advise with a dose of humor, pitch a personal narrative or essay to the editorial team. Like it or not, this pub prefers writers pitch via Submittable. Just Parents publish information for primarily first time parents and pregnant couples. Articles are typically informational pieces or lighthearted opinion articles between 700 and 1500 words. Just Parents provides a style guide to help you to familiarize yourself with suitable content.

You will not only get paid, but also get an author credit on the post, which can be a great line on your freelance writing resume. You will need to get your article approved by the Wonderslist editorial team, and there are some topics that are not permitted, such as gambling, adult content, drugs, or violent content. Smashing Magazine is a publication for web developers and web designers, so if you have an interest or experience in this niche, you could earn extra cash as a contributor. Smashing Magazine publishes tutorials, opinion pieces, case studies, and longer guides. The editors prefer to see initial outlines before you submit a completed article, so the content can be refined to something acceptable.

In June 2017, Jack O’Brien stepped down from his position as editor-in-chief and left Cracked to build up the new comedy podcasting division at HowStuffWorks. Writer Daniel O’Brien was questioned by the FBI and United States Secret Service after writing an article titled “How to Kidnap the President’s Daughter”. In early 2005, its owner Dick Kulpa sold the magazine to a group of investors who announced plans to revive a print version of Cracked with a new editorial focus and redesign. As popular as they are, they do seem to be a really amateur-like “publication.”

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