Freelance Writing: The UItimate Beginner’s Online Business

So read the sections you want to write for and research heavily any ideas you have before you pitch them. Great Escape Publishing specializes in home-study programs and workshops that help their members get paid to travel. It’s not business writing in the traditional sense, but it is travel business writing. Travel writing and blogging, photography, and tour-guiding are their main areas of focus.

So a story about that scrappy new startup might not whet their palate. Unless it’s cutting into the profits of other major companies. Your best bet is to read through the magazine, network, and be persistent (as you’ll want to do with ANY of the big publishers).


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Freelance writer & virtual assistant – Homeschooling homesteading mom of 9- Blogging to help you balance diapers and deadlines & boost your productivity. I’m a mom blogger who loves to write about parenting and this list is a gem for me. Baby Fit will pay moms to write about nutrition, fitness, pregnancy, and postpartum health. Submissions should be between 500 – 1,200 words and pay is between $25 – $90. I included A Fine Parent in this list even though they stop submissions frequently. This site is still a great blog to guest post on if you’re a stay-at-home mom or working mom.

Writing across platforms on family life, travel, history, architecture, and healthy living. Minnesota Parent will pay local moms to write about trending topics with relevant info for Minnesota parents. The topics include maternity, childcare, education, things-to-do, etc. Pay is negotiated with the editor upon submission approval, and payment is made per article, not per word. will pay moms to write about interesting parenting topics. Mom.Me will pay you to write pregnancy, parenting, and family life content.

This will build trust between writers and readers, proving satisfying to both readers and writers. You could write about experiences with fine parenting you know or have heard about. We are trying to dispel the lies about parenting.

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