Does This Photograph Of A Marine Saluting The U S Flag Violate Twitter’s Rules?

It’s potential that Woods acquired a warning message about “offensive” content material after posting a picture of a marine saluting a flag, but if so, it is likely that the warning had extra to do with the accompanying text than the image itself. It’s additionally attainable that the warning Woods allegedly obtained was due to a Twitter user, not the social community itself, flagging the content material for being inappropriate for some unexplained purpose. The social network’s pointers are in depth, however we could not find any provisions under which pictures of national flags, soldiers, or patriotic actions can be deemed offensive.

On Oct. 12, 1892, an estimated 12 million U.S. school children recited Bellamy’s mantra. Born on May 18, 1855 in Mount Morris, New York, Francis Julius Bellamy would later turn out to be an important part of the post-Civil War efforts to reunite the 2 ideologically disparate sides of the country. How did the Bellamy Salute come to be a nationwide gesture of loyalty to the country, significantly at a time when the firmly raised arm directly connoted the tenets of Naziism? That, in flip, might appear even stranger — kids throughout the United States had been giving the same salute as Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germans as late as three years into World War 2. The Bellamy Salute, the national salute of the united states till 1942’s Flag Code was adopted. This was the United States’ national salute till being replaced by the Pledge of Allegiance in 1942.

If Twitter actually deemed the picture “offensive,” these posts would have doubtless been taken down. However, we have but to come throughout any credible instances of the social network removing this photograph for violating its rules. It has been posted on quite a few blogs, web pages, and social media pages, made into tattoos and postcards, and has even been included in a number of Memorial Day messages posted by the rock band KISS.

Social media users objected to the verified @Snoopy account posting a cartoon on Twitter that was learn by many as racist. However, Judge Alfred Goodwin of that very same court issued a keep the very next day, which prevented that ruling from being enforced. Thus, to this day, American children still pledge allegiance to at least screenshots fireside anchor clubhousecarman one nation, and no other, underneath God. The journal described extending one’s right arm straight ahead, barely upward, with the fingers directed at the flag . Though generations have passed and most Americans are completely unaware of this, the Bellamy Salute was, certainly, the usual salute for decades.

We do not tolerate behavior that harasses, intimidates, or makes use of concern to silence another person’s voice. If you see something on Twitter that violates these guidelines, please report it to us. That 2015 tweet has resided on Woods’ timeline for three years without concern. President Obama didn’t award himself the Department of Defense Medal for Public Service — he received the award Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

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