Best Gifts for Writers: 25 Holiday Presents Every Writer Will LOVE

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I have tons of unique bookshelves that need a little organization, bling, and help. A writing class or workshop is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as the knowledge and experience gained from it can be priceless. Check out the writing classes listed here to see which is the ideal fit for your writer friend. Reading and submitting to literary magazines is a great way for ambitious writers to gain street cred.

Is my noise-canceling headphone of choice; in fact, I’m wearing them right now as I write these words. However, if they’ve ever uttered anything like, “How the heck am I going to fit all these books in my suitcase? Can be used as a bookmark or a book strap, and you can stretch them so they point to the exact place you finished reading. Of course, “any gift related to reading” is broad and incredibly unhelpful.


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Each soap in the Storyline Soap Sampler tells a story using unique illustrations, essential oil blends, herbs, and botanicals. Just like a blend of the perfect words can create a vivid world, Parousia Soaps believes that a blend of the perfect scents can do that as well. Author Robyn L. Coburn says, “The greatest gift I was given recently was the opportunity to attend the AWP Conference, which included a year’s subscription to the group’s magazine. From that event, I got a recommendation for my editor, who helped me make my upcoming biography ready to submit. CreativeLive offers a variety of writing and podcasting classes that can help your writer level up their skills or pick up a new skill to help market their work. Give your writer a leg up on publishing their work by giving them a course on nonfiction publishing!

It feels substantial in the hand and its all-black, stainless-steel design is timeless. Are lightweight, virtually smudge-proof, and cost about the same as a candy bar. They’re not much to look at, but for anyone who values function over form , they’re hard to beat. In other words, they’ll eventually end up buying a brand like Swanwick anyway, so you might as well save them a step. I don’t pretend to understand the science behind them, but I know from personal experience they reduce eye strain and, in my case anyway, help me to have fewer headaches. By Blake Snyder— The best book on the structure of writing.

This innovative 32-page notebook is compatible with Pilot Frixion pens and wipes clean with a cloth after they transfer their short stories. The future best-selling author in your life likely needs some neck and shoulder relief after hunching over their computer all day. We love this space-saving massager, which has eight kneading nodes and a function to add soothing heat. Podcast A podcast where we show you how to stand out in a world where people are already inundated with content.

They’ll write and draw their own storybook, and then you can send it off to Lulu to be professionally printed. Then all that’s left is to make space to display it in pride of place on your bookshelf. There are tons of local bookstores who also do a thriving online business so support the one in your neighborhood, or order across the globe from Bookshop below.

Unless they’re a real traditionalist using pen and paper, the writer you’re buying for probably spends hours hunched over a laptop. This laptop stand can be used at a desk or when working from their favorite armchair. This is great for writers who like to work from various locations or who don’t have a dedicated workspace. Freedom is a website blocker that helps you stay focussed and avoid time sucks like social media or your favorite shopping sites. If you really want to get in the zone, you can even block the whole internet with the click of a button. Your preferences sync across devices, so you can’t get away with keeping Word open on your laptop while scrolling Twitter on your phone.

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