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Everyone works hard to achieve and meet those expectations. I enjoy being able to make features that is widely used by the company. I was born and raised in the Philippines for 19 years.

It’s my job to reach out to Real Estate agents, and Brokers to talk with them about our Coaching and Consulting services. I enjoy the dynamic people I get to work with everyday. We’re hardworking and passionate about what we do. What I love most is being able to help others crush their goals in life. I am planning to build a website of real estate.


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My whole life is centered knowing Jesus Christ my savior and carrying out the will of God. I also love filmmaking, movies, and playing Catan with friends. I enjoy the passion and vision for the business.

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In my spare time, I just play some online games with my friends in the Philippines. If they are not online, I usually study some technology in programming and use in it my personal apps. I enjoy the fast-paced environment, the endless possibilities to learn and further my knowledge in the industry, and also I enjoy working with my colleagues. Previously a barista and singing instructor, I love being outdoors with my daughter in all weather and cooking delicious food for fun. I also have a degree in marketing and Graphic Design.

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